Believe Industry Company (Wuxi Longar Machinery) is a Taiwan and Chinese venture enterprise company with up to date Tainwan technology to make the machine. It locates in Wuxi City, Jiangsu, China, near Shanghai.

Our factory is professional manufacturer and exporter of cut to length line, slitting line, rotary shear cutting line, cold roll and hot roll mills for more than 20 year from 1995 and in 2015 we have rebuilt our company Believe Industry Company which specially export our machines to abroad markets and Wuxi LonGar Machinery specially do local market.

So far we have exported more than 300 lines to more than 60 countries, including Argentina, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, South African, urkey, Russian, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, etc.

Our designs engineers have worked in Taiwan for many years and so far we are still cooperating with these Taiwan companies and we have twice Technical Seminars per year . They will work to match our technology with your production needs to achieve a more efficient, more profitable operation.

Factory View

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